Scheme of Delegation


In November 2005, Council agreed that a scheme of delegation, covering financial and non-financial responsibilities, would provide clarity as to where decisions can be taken by the NERC chief executive and where the Council should retain decision-making control.

In November 2006, Council accepted the current scheme of delegation.


The purpose of the scheme of delegation is two-fold:

  1. To provide Council with an 'at a glance' framework outlining where it makes decisions and on what issues, and whether it wishes to delegate more decision-making authority to the chief executive.
  2. To enable NERC staff responsible for planning, discussing issues, or top-level decision-making, to identify where decisions are made on particular issues and which Boards should provide advice on these issues.

How the scheme works

The scheme captures the decision-making roles of Council and chief executive. It also covers the roles of the advisory boards (Science Board, NERC Management Board and the Audit & Risk Assurance Committee) in providing advice to the relevant decision-makers. On some occasions, Council sets up sub-groups to look at particular issues which will report back to it against defined terms of reference.

Each board's terms of reference is linked to their named tasks in the scheme of delegation, and outlines the board's precise role. The roles and responsibilities of Council and the NERC chief executive are set out in the Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy (BEIS) management statement which also sit behind the scheme.

The scheme of delegation is an evolving document which needs to be updated as changes occur to the advisory and decision-making environment within and around NERC. The NERC office should review the scheme of delegation annually and any significant changes referred to Council for agreement.

This is an internal scheme of delegation for NERC. It does not replace either the management statement between NERC and BEIS, nor does it replace the management statements between the NERC chief executive and executive directors, and research centre directors.

For further information about the scheme of delegation, please contact us.