Strategic Programme Advisory Group (SPAG)

SPAG helps NERC by recommending to Science Board prioritised strategic research opportunities that help deliver the NERC strategy. The priorities will have been generated from broad and open input of ideas from the NERC community, and submitted ideas will have been assembled into either Highlight Topics or Strategic Programme Areas.

SPAG members act as an interface between NERC and its communities to ensure that those strategic investments are appropriate, timely, support excellent research, and tackle environmental challenges faced by business and society.

Members are experts in their area of environmental science or profession and are committed to solving real-world problems through environmental science. As such they are well placed to recognise emerging ideas and opportunities across all of the NERC remit and to make judgements across a range of scientific, strategic and policy issues.

SPAG members are appointed for one year in the first instance, with the possibility that membership will be extended for a further two.

Membership as of October 2017 comprises:

Professor Graham Underwood (Chair)
University of Essex

Dr Andy Croxford
Environment Agency

Professor Alexander Densmore
Durham University

Dr Isabelle Durance
Cardiff University

Professor Bridget Emmett
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Alyssa Gilbert
Imperial College London

Dr Adrian Hines
Met Office

Professor Dickon Howell
Howell Marine Consulting

Professor John Ludden
British Geological Survey

Professor Rob MacKenzie
University of Birmingham

Professor Caroline Peacock
University of Leeds

Professor Tom Spencer
University of Cambridge

Professor Simon Tett
The University of Edinburgh

Professor Jason Weeks
Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Register of members interests (PDF, 165KB)

Specification for SPAG members (PDF, 85KB)