NERC-BAS Operations and Safety Assurance & Advisory Group (NBOSAAG)

The NERC-BAS Operations and Safety Assurance & Advisory Group (NBOSAAG), was set up in early 2016 to provide the NERC Executive Chair with independent advice and assurance on Antarctic operations and safety, and to provide the NERC-owned British Antarctic Survey (BAS) with independent advice and support on Antarctic operations and safety matters. The group meet twice a year and provide quarterly reports to the NERC CE and annual reports to the NERC Audit & Risk Assurance Committee.

Membership, as of June 2016, comprises:

Mr Paul Hayden (Chair)
TACSYM Ltd, and NERC Non-executive Director

Mr Paul Fox
NERC Chief Operating Officer

Mr David Hancock
Construction Director,
Infrastructure & Projects Authority, Cabinet Office

Mr Ian Moncrieff, CBE
Non-executive Director and marine member of the Port of London Authority

Professor Uwe Nixdorf
Vice Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute,
Helmholtz Centre for Polar & Marine Research

Mr David Worsley