Advisory bodies

NERC's strategy 'The Business of the Environment' emphasises the need to work in partnership with other organisations to put environmental science at the heart of responsible management of the planet, increase resilience in a changing world and support UK ambitions for growth.

We have a number of advisory bodies that feed into our decision-making and help us monitor our progress toward achieving that goal.

Innovation Advisory Board

The Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) advises NERC on its strategy for strengthening the delivery of economic growth and other societal benefits (impact) from its research and innovation investments.

Joint Capital Advisory Group

The Joint Capital Advisory Group (JCAG) is a key part of the NERC capital funding model that will help to identify and advise NERC on new capital priorities.

NERC/BAS Operations and Safety Assurance & Advisory Group

The NERC/BAS Operations and Safety Assurance & Advisory Group (NBOSAAG) provide independent assurance and advice on NERC's Antarctic operations and safety.

Strategic Programme Advisory Group

The Strategic Programme Advisory Group (SPAG) helps NERC by recommending to Science Board (SB) prioritised strategic research opportunities that help deliver the NERC strategy.

Training Advisory Board

The NERC Training Advisory Board (TAB) is the key source of advice to the NERC Executive on the strategic direction and success of NERC training investments.