Web logo use guidelines

Creating a reverse logo

If the logo needs to be positioned over a dark background image or pattern, the reverse (ie white out of the background) version should be used. As these need to be custom-produced to match the background colour, we cannot supply these ready to use. Please follow this method:

  1. Identify the background colour (take an average if a pattern or photo).
  2. Open a large size logo (1000 pixel-wide version is ideal) in a graphic editing software package (eg Photoshop, Fireworks or PaintShop Pro).
  3. Select the white background, delete it - and then before exiting the marquee selection, choose "Select Inverse". Use colour fill to replace the logo colours with solid white. If your software includes a "Colour-swapper" tool, this may also work well.
  4. Create a colour box behind the white text to match the dark background.
  5. Resize the image down to the dimensions you need.
  6. Export the logo (as a GIF or PNG). Choose an output setting that makes the background colour transparent (depending on your software, you may be able to use a dropper tool or similar to identify the background colour).
  7. Check that the output graphic appears looking crisp on the background colour (like example #1 below), not blurred (#2) or with "halo" effects (#3, #4).


1. Correct logo appearance:
tick   Example - correct quality

2. Incorrect logo - created from same-size graphic:
cross   Example - using a small original graphic

3. Incorrect logo - background was set too dark:
cross   Example - using too dark a background

4. Incorrect logo - background was set too light:
cross   Example - using too light a background


If you have questions about web use of our logo, which are not covered in our guidelines, please contact:

UKRI web team

The NERC logos and those of our centres, BAS, BGS and CEH, are registered trademarks in the UK and other countries. You may not use these logos, electronically or in print, without written permission from the trademark owner. NERC-funded students, researchers and investments do not have to seek permission but must adhere to the logo guidelines.