Print logos

NERC logo files for print use

The following versions of the NERC logo are available for use in all print media, including publications and signage. Do not use web files for printed products, the resolution is not high enough and the result will not be of the required quality. The standard, colour logo is the preferred version.

Research centre logo files for print use

The following colour, mono and reverse mono logos for NERC centres are suitable for printing on various media including publications and signage.


If you have questions about print use of the NERC logo, which are not covered in our guidelines, please contact:

Communications Team

For queries about how and when to use research centre logos, please contact the communications team of the relevant research centre directly.

The NERC logos and those of our centres, BAS, BGS and CEH, are registered trademarks in the UK and other countries. You may not use these logos, electronically or in print, without written permission from the trademark owner. NERC-funded students, researchers and investments do not have to seek permission but must adhere to the logo guidelines.